XXI SIF Seminar



Gestational cannabinoids alter behavioral reactivity and induce alcohol vulnerability in the young rat progeny: Homer1 as a potential neurobiological element underlying complex brain disarrangement
V. Castelli (Palermo), A. Brancato, L. Magherini, F. Plescia, C. Cannizzaro
L-acetylcarnitine effects on ATP-ases of synaptosomes from rat hippocampus
F. Ferrari (Pavia), L. Bagini, E. Dini, A. Gorini, R. F. Villa
Treatment of astrocytes with beta amyloid affects PBMCs migration through the blood brain barrier
S. F. Spampinato (Catania), M. A. Sortino
Autism with benzodiazepine-responsive electrical status epilepticus in sleep (ESES) caused by Kv7.3 gain-of-function variants
A. Lauritano (Naples), T. T. Sands, G. Lesca, M. R. Cilio, P. Nappi, M. V. Soldovieri, F. Miceli, M. Taglialatela
Treatment with exosome-shuttled miRNAs derived from mesenchymal stem cells shifts spinal cord astrocytes isolated from late disease state SOD1G93A mice from a neurotoxic to a neuroprotective phenotype
M. Balbi (Genoa), F. Provenzano, C. Torazza, M. Milanese, D. Giunti, C. Usai, B. Parodi, C. Marini, N. Kerlero De Rosbo, A. Uccelli, G. Bonanno
Vesicular glutamate transporter modulates behavioural resilience in rodents: advance in the search for innovative targets for depression
A. Brancato (Palermo), G. E. Hodes, S. J. Russo, T. Ueda, C. Cannizzaro
Depression and anxiety as obesity-related comorbidities: possible protective effects of Acylethanolamides
A. Romano (Rome), M. V. Micioni Di Bonaventura, M. De Ceglia, M. E. Giusepponi, C. A. Gallelli, J. B. Koczwara, E. Micioni Di Bonaventura, T. Cassano, S. Gaetani, C. Cifani
Prenatal stress exposure affects the susceptibility to the autoimmune EAE Model of Multiple Sclerosis
M. S. Paladini (Milan), G. T. Coppolino, A. C. Rossetti, D. Marangon, M. Fumagalli, D. Lecca, A. Guidi, M. P. Abbracchio, R. Molteni
Neuroprotective properties of 6-(Methylsulfinyl)hexyl isothiocyanate treatment on a murine model of Alzheimer’s Disease
G. Sita (Bologna), F. Morroni, A. Tarozzi, A. Graziosi, E. Turrini, C. Fimognari, P. Hrelia
Alteration in both PIP2- and CaM-mediated current modulation as a novel pathogenetic mechanism of a Kv7.2 mutation causing epileptic encephalopathy
I. Mosca (Campobasso), M. V. Soldovieri, P. Ambrosino, J. C. Di Francesco, G. Lesca, M. Taglialatela
Anti-obesity effects of oleoylethanolamide: from gut microbiota to key brain genes
J. B. Koczwara (Rome), M. Rastelli, C. A. Gallelli, M. De Ceglia, O. Guillemot-Legris, M. V. Micioni di Bonaventura, A. Everard, C. D’Addario, P. D. Cani, A. Romano, S. Gaetani


Association between PPI use and risk of cardiovascular events
M. Casula (Milan), F. Galimberti, L. Scotti, E. Tragni, G. Corrao, A. L. Catapano
Predictors of serious adverse events following immunization: 1-year pharmacovigilance study in general population
N. Lombardi (Florence), G. Crescioli, A. Bettiol, M. Tuccori, M. Rossi, R. Bonaiuti, C. Ravaldi, M. Levi, A. Mugelli, P. Bonanni, A. Vannacci
Did the new Italian Law on mandatory vaccines affect adverse event following immunization’s reporting? A pharmacovigilance study in Southern Italy
C. Scavone (Naples), R. Ruggiero, C. Rafaniello, S. Brusco, M. Bertini, E. Menditto, V. Orlando, U. Trama, L. Sportiello, F. Rossi, A. Capuano
Access to innovative drugs and not in Sicily: is it always guaranteed?
L. Gozzo (Catania), G. Benfatto, L. Longo, S. Mansueto, D. Vitale, A. Lazzara, F. Drago
Program of “Oncovigilance” evaluating the incidence and prevalence of ADR linked to the use of fluoropyrimidines-based chemotherapy
F. Iannello (Salerno), V. Manzo, C. Savastano, M. Torsiello, E. De Bellis, C. Sellitto, T. Iannaccone, F. Dal Piaz, V. Conti, A. Filippelli
Preventable statin adverse reactions and therapy discontinuation. What can we learn from the spontaneous reporting system?
A. Mascolo (Naples), M. Sessa, C. Rafaniello, C. Scavone, G. Di Mauro, A. Fucile, F. Rossi, L. Sportiello, A. Capuano
Drug exposure and occurrence of Multiple Sclerosis: clues from a 13-year disproportionality analysis of the FDA Adverse Event Reporting System (FAERS)
I. C. Antonazzo (Bologna), E. Raschi, E. Forcesi, T. Riise, K. Bjørnevik, E. Baldin, F. De Ponti, E. Poluzzi
Inappropriate medication prescribing among adult patients in two italian regions
F. Galimberti (Milan), E. Olmastroni, M. Casula, V. Russo, E. Menditto, E. Tragni, A. L. Catapano
Appropriateness and cost-effectiveness in drugs selection in the hospital setting: use of biosimilars at the University Hospital of Catania
C. B. Platania (Catania), L. Gozzo, G. Benfatto, L. Longo, S. Mansueto, D. Vitale, A. Lazzara, F. Drago
Patterns of antineoplastic drug utilization in a cohort of patients diagnosed with non-small cell lung cancer at the Azienda Ospedaliera Universitaria Senese
A. Spini (Siena), C. Bellan, F. Furiesi, S. Donnini, L. Leoncini, S. Giorgi, A. Barchielli, A. Caldarella, M. Zappa, C. Bartolini, G. Roberto, R. Gini, M. Ziche


Changes in the expression of homeobox transcription factors OTX1 and OTX2 in the rat myenteric plexus after DNBS-induced colitis
M. Bistoletti (Varese), G. Micheloni, A. Baj, G. Porta, C. Giaroni
Involvement of Toll-like receptor 4 on small intestine neuromuscular dysfunctions in a mouse model of high-fat dietinduced obesity
S. Cerantola (Padua), I. Marsilio, V. Caputi, F. Garelli, A. Nericcio, R. Colucci, M. C. Giron
Targeting extracellular Nicotinamide Phosphoribosyltransferase (eNAMPT) in inflammatory bowel diseases
G. Colombo (Novara), C. Travelli, F. Malavasi, C. Porta, A. A. Genazzani
Selective CB2 inverse agonist JTE907 ameliorates inflammation in a mouse model of inflammatory bowel disease
M. Gentili (Perugia), S. Ronchetti, E. Ricci, R. Di Paola, E. Gugliandolo, S. Cuzzocrea, O. Bereshchenko, G. Migliorati, C. Riccardi
EphB/ephrinB system disruption: opposite outcomes in 2,4,6-Trinitrobenzene sulfonic acid (TNBS)-induced versus acute or chronic Dextran Sulfate Sodium (DSS)-induced colitis
I. Zini (Parma), A. Grandi, V. Vivo, L. Flammini, S. Palese, A. M. Cantoni, M. Tognolini, E. Barocelli, S. Bertoni
In vitro modelling pathophysiological features of irritable bowel syndrome
G. Dothel (Bologna), S. Talucci, F. De Ponti
Differentiation of induced pluripotent stem cells in pancreatic exocrine cells to model thiopurine induced pancreatitis in pediatric patients with Crohn’s disease
E. Genova (Trieste), M. Pelin, G. Decorti, K. Sasaki, Y. Fengming, G. Stocco


Fast and Cost-Effective Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (TDM) Assay in Gist (Gastrointestinal Stromal Tumor) Patients for Imatinib and Norimatinib by Finger Prick on Dried Blood Spot
V. Iacuzzi (Aviano), B. Casetta, E. Marangon, A. Poetto, M. Buzzo, B. Posocco, S. Gagno, M. Zanchetta, G. Toffoli
Palmitoylethanolamide, a naturally occuring lipid, inhibits colon carcinogenesis
E. Pagano (Naples), B. Romano, F. Iannotti, O. Parisi, F. Fiorino, M. D’Armiento, V. Di Marzo, A. A. Izzo, F. Borrelli
Platelets induce the generation of phospholipid-esterified 12-hydroxyeicosatetraenoic acid in the human colon adenocarcinoma cell line HT29: discovering a novel off-target effect of acetylsalicylic acid
R. Grande (Chieti), M. Dovizio, S. Schiavone, C. Hinz, S. Tacconelli, R. Fullone, V. O’Donnell, P. Patrignani
Extracellular Nicotinamide Phosphoryltransferase (NAMPT): possible new target in mammary carcinoma
C. Travelli (Novara), G. Colombo, F. Malavasi, A. A. Genazzani
Aldehyde dehydrogenase 1A1 is involved in breast tumor stemness, angiogenesis and progression
V. Ciccone (Siena), E. Terzuoli, S. Donnini, A. Giachetti, L. Morbidelli, M. Ziche
Nicotinamide phosphoribosyltransferase (NAMPT) and glyceraldehyde 3-phosphate dehydrogenase (GAPDH): interaction between moonlighting proteins as new molecular basis of cancer
A. Grolla (Novara), S. Garavaglia, M. Bianchi, D. Di Marino, P. L. Canonico, A. A. Genazzani
Evaluation of mammalian target of rapamycin in a human microglia-glioma paradigm: an additional new approach for treatment of Glioblastoma Multiforme
M. Chiavari (Rome), G. M. Ciotti, P. Navarra, L. Lisi



Opioid response in pediatric cancer patients and the VAL158MET polymorphism of the human catechol-O-methyltransferase (COMT) gene: an italian study on 87 cancer children and a systematic review
G. Crescioli (Florence), N. Lombardi, E. Lucenteforte, A. Bettiol, R. Bonaiuti, L. Giovannelli, V. Maggini, A. Mugelli, A. Vannacci
Expression of TK1 and CDK9 in plasma-derived exosomes is associated with clinical response to CDK4/6 inhibitors in breast cancer
S. Crucitta (Pisa), M. Del Re, A. Fontana, I. Bertolini, E. Rofi, C. De Angelis, L. Diodati, D. Cavallero, B. Salvadori, A. Falcone, R. Morganti, R. Danesi
Identification of circulating MiRNA in high-risk gastrointestinal stromal tumor (GIST) patients involved in tumor recurrence
G. Ravegnini (Bologna), M. Nannini, G. Sammarini, M. A. Pantaleo, P. Hrelia, S. Angelini
Diagnostic accuracy of NUDT15 gene variants for thiopurineinduced leukopenia: a systematic review and meta-analysis
S. Cargnin (Novara), A. A. Genazzani, P. L. Canonico, S. Terrazzino
Edit-to-Track: analyze intratumor heterogeneity and cancer subpopulations via RNA-seq by editing multiple endogenous genomic elements
G. Pizzino (Candiolo), M. Pinnelli, B. Lupo, S. M. Leto, L. Trusolino, A. Bertotti
High variability of tacrolimus levels is related to genetic polymorphisms in transplanted patients
G. Pallio (Messina), A. Bitto, N. Irrera, L. Minutoli, D. Altavilla, F. Squadrito
A variant in a MiRNA binding site in KIT 3’UTR increases risk of gastrointestinal stromal tumor (GIST)
G. Ravegnini, G. Sammarini (Bologna), V. Simeon, M. Nannini, C. Serrano, M. A. Pantaleo, P. Hrelia, S. Angelini
Pharmacogenetic evaluation of tenofovir-associated toxicity in a cohort of HIV-positive patients
J. Cusato (Turin), A. Calcagno, L. Marinaro, G. Di Perri, S. Bonora, A. D’Avolio


Effects of the satiety signal oleoylethanolamide on binge-like food consumption in female rats
C. A. Gallelli (Rome), A. Romano, M. V. Micioni di Bonaventura, J. B. Koczwara, M. E. Giusepponi, T. Cassano, C. Cifani, S. Gaetani
Cannabinoid-opioid unidirectional heterologous cross-tolerance in social play behavior in rats
S. Schiavi (Rome), A. Manduca, M. Segatto, V. Pallottini, V. Trezza
Promotion of GABAergic development by tuning ATM activity
L. Pizzamiglio (Milan), E. Focchi, S. Ferrara, F. Bifari, N. Landsberger, M. Matteoli, E. Menna, F. Antonucci
The role of Nociceptin/Orphanin FQ receptor in modulating nicotine addiction
A. Domi (Camerino), M. Petrella, M. Ubaldi, R. Cicciocioppo
A central role of PRRT2, a protein associated with neurological paroxysmal disorders, in the regulation of actin cytoskeleton dynamics at the synapse
E. Savino (Milan), R. I. Cervigni, M. Povolo, F. C. Guarnieri, A. Corradi, F. Benfenati, F. Valtorta.
Gut-brain axis: butyrate effects in antibiotic-induced intestinal injury associated to Parkinson’s Disease in mice
A. Lama (Naples), C. Avagliano, C. De Caro, C. Cristiano, R. Russo, M. P. Mollica, R. Meli, A. Calignano, G. Mattace Raso
The neurosteroid allopregnanolone modulates sensorimotor gating alteration induced by dopamine D1 receptor activation
F. Traccis (Cagliari), L. J. Mosher, S. Fanni, P. Saba, G. Giua, P. Devoto, M. Bortolato, R. Frau
Neuroprotective effects of esculetin in Huntington’s disease models
L. Pruccoli (Bologna), C. Breda, F. Giorgini, G. Teti, M. Falconi, A. Tarozzi
Palmitoylethanolamide reverses autistic-like behaviours in BTBR T+tf/J mice through central and peripheral mechanisms
C. Cristiano (Naples), C. Pirozzi, L. Coretti, A. Lama, R. Russo, F. Lembo, R. Meli, A. Calignano, G. Mattace Raso



The effect of the DPP-4 inhibitor Linagliptin to improve functional outcome after stroke is mediated by the CXCR4/SDF-1α pathway
F. Chiazza (Turin), H. Tammen, H. Pintana, G. Lietzau, M. Collino, T. Nyström, T. Klein, V. Darsalia, C. Patrone
Leukotriene-mediated sex dimorphism in pulmonary arterial hypertension monocrotaline-induced rat
T. P. Russo (Naples), A. Liparulo, G. Spaziano, A. Rossi, F. Roviezzo, R. Filosa, M. Sgambato, G. Tartaglione, R. Esposito, B. D’Agostino
Decrease of ALDH2 in endothelium promotes oxidative stress and endothelial cell impairment
G. Nannelli (Siena), E. Terzuoli, V. Giorgio, S. Donnini, P. Bernardi, M. Ziche
Apolipoprotein E modulates CD4+ T cell response by promoting cellular cholesterol metabolsim in dendritic cells
F. Bonacina (Milan), D. Coe, G. Wang, A. Baragetti, F. Pellegatta, L. Grigore, A. L. Catapano, F. Marelli-Berg, G. D. Norata
Vasorelaxing and antihypertensive properties of Erucin, an isothiocyanate from Eruca sativa Mill. (Brassicaceae): is H2S the silent player?
E. Piragine (Pisa), V. Citi, L. Testai, M. C. Breschi, E. Pagnotta, L. Lazzeri, L. Ugolini, V. Calderone, A. Martelli


Hydrogen sulfide involvement in uterus of diabetic mice
D. Gurgone (Naples), E. Mitidieri, G. Cirino, R. D’Emmanuele di Villa Bianca, R. Sorrentino
Palmitoylethanolamide improves mitochondrial dysfunction in in vivo and in vitro models of obesity and liver steatosis
C. Annunziata (Naples), C. Pirozzi, G. Cavaliere, A. Lama, A. Nitrato Izzo, G. Trinchese, R. Russo, A. Calignano, G. Mattace Raso, M. P. Mollica, R. Meli
Valproic acid-induced hepatotoxicity: protective effects of sodium butyrate in in vitro and in vivo models
C. Pirozzi (Naples), C. Annunziata, A. Lama, C. De Caro, G. Cavaliere, E. Russo, R. Citraro, M. P. Mollica, G. Mattace Raso, A. Calignano, G. B. De Sarro, R. Meli
Oxaliplatin induces pH acidification in dorsal root ganglia neurons
B. Riva (Novara), M. Dionisi, A. Potenzieri, A. Chiorazzi, C. Cordero- Sanchez, R. Rigolio, V. A. Carozzi, D. Lim, G. Cavaletti, P. Marmiroli, C. Distasi, A. A. Genazzani
Assessment of the in vitro skin sensitization properties of graphene and graphene oxide
L. Fusco (Trieste), M. Pelin, C. Martín, S. Sosa, E. Vázquez, S. P. Mukherjee, B. Fadeel, M. Prato, A. Tubaro


Development of allergic sensitization in CD73 deficient mice
E. Caiazzo (Naples), F. Roviezzo, M. A. Riemma, R. Bilancia, A. Ialenti, C. Cicala
N-Acylethanolamine Acid Amidase controls pain and inflammation
Y. Fotio (Camerino), K. Genaro, R. Ciccocioppo, D. Piomelli
P2X7 receptors influences the osteogenic differentiation of mesenchymal stromal/stem cells derived from human subcutaneous adipose tissue
M. Carluccio (Chieti), S. Ziberi, M. Zuccarini, P. Giuliani, C. Morabito, M. A. Mariggiò, P. Di Iorio, F. Caciagli, R. Ciccarelli
Air pollution induces IL-1-biased inflammation in COPD human samples and in vivo
C. Colarusso (Salerno), G. De Falco, M. Terlizzi, A. D’Anna, R. P. Aquino, A. Pinto, R. Sorrentino
Statins regulates inflammatory macrophage phenotype through the activation of AhR
G. Manni (Perugia), M. Gargaro, A. Turco, G. Scalisi, D. Matino, M. Pirro, P. Puccetti, F. Fallarino
Melanocortin receptor 5 controls neovascularization from high glucose in human retinal pigment epithelial cells ARPE-19: role of VEGF-exosomes
R. Maisto (Naples), M. Oltra, L. Vidal, N. Martínez-Gil, F. J. Sancho- Pellúz, C. Di Filippo, S. Rossi, M. D´Amico, M. Barcia Jorge, F. J. Romero
Modulation of Src kinase by the natural polyamines
G. Mondanelli


Src tyrosine kinase as a drug target in Duchenne muscular dystrophy: effects of a new oral formulation of dasatinib in the exercised mdx mouse
B. Boccanegra (Bari), P. Mantuano, F. Sanarica, A. Cutrignelli, N. Denora, A. Mele, M. De Bellis, A. De Luca
A long – term treatment with taurine prevents cardiac dysfunction in dystrophic mdx mice
P. Mantuano (Bari), A. Mele, F. Sanarica, F. Rana, M. G. Morgese, M. Bove, J. F. Rolland, R. F. Capogrosso, S. Pierno, L. Trabace, A. De Luca
Modulation of the activity of the synaptic phosphodiesterase PDE2A corrects the behavioral deficits observed in a preclinical model of Fragile x syndrome
F. Melancia (Rome), M. Servadio, S. Schiavi, M. Jarjat, B. Bardoni, V. Trezza
A new multidisciplinary approach in pharmacological research for muscular distrophies: the optogenetic engineered 3-D artificial muscle
F. Sanarica (Bari), O. Cappellari, D. Wells, A. De Luca
Functional characterization of two novel mutations in CLCNKB associated with Bartter syndrome
D. Sahbani (Bari), P. Imbrici, A. Liantonio, S. Tedeschi, B. Strumbo, G. Montini